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Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer Gets More Features

It now supports 32+2 hardware faders and tactile control for Waves plugins

Screenshot of the Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer

Waves Audio has updated its Cloud MX Broadcast Audio Mixer.

It now supports 32+2 faders via dual Waves FIT controllers, as well as tactile control of plugins via the Waves FIT Controller.

The mixer is a professional cloud-based audio mixer with integration of Waves’ catalog of audio plugins for “a scalable, remotely operated, broadcast-ready cloud workflow.”

This update allows users to combine two Waves FIT Controllers to the same mixer. The FITs can work in tandem, for 32+2 faders and encoders per mix layer, or independently, where each FIT controls a mix layer of the user’s choice.

Also, plugins can now be controlled from the Waves FIT controller. “The Cloud MX update brings a tactile experience to mixing with plugins,” Waves states. “Plugin parameters are auto-mapped to the FIT control surface, allowing users to mix with plugins hands-on, with zero manual setup.”

The mixer also got an updated GUI, bug fixes and eight more user keys.