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WorldCast Systems Releases Codec Updates

APT codecs get improvements including SFN synchronizing and MPX compression tools

WorldCast Systems, APT, audio codecs, IP audio codecs, APTmpX, SynchroStreamIt must be the season for codec updates.

WorldCast Systems has announced an update for its APT badge line of codecs.

System Release 4.0 is for the APT IP, AoIP Multichannel and MPX Multichannel codecs.

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According to a release, SR 4.0 adds APTmpX, a nondestructive MPX/composite signal compression algorithm which should save network bandwidth without compromising signal quality, according to the company. SynchroStream, according to WorldCast, synchronizes multiple transmitters used in a single-frequency network with use of an external 10 MHz clock.

Other additions include NAT transversal connection mode for assuring codec connections; and NTP content-alignment for coordinating programming across a multi-frequency network by using IP packet time stamps.

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