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RCS Goes Mobile

NAB Sneak Peek: Several platforms offer mobile or Internet options

RCS seems to be in a mobile mood for the NAB Show.

Selector2Go is “tailored” for the Web. The music scheduling software system is compatible with all browsers and across platforms and mobile devices. According to RCS, the system is designed to keep the interface simple and straightforward. The data flow is kept small to enable fast performance, even on mobile networks like 3G. The company says Selector2Go gives users powerful core scheduling and schedule editing functionality and essential analysis details of their rotations in the palm of a hand.

RCSremote is an app for smartphones or handheld devices that lets users control the Zetta automation system’s station log. Basic controls like play, pause, stop and fade can be triggered while deeper items such as station platform or even switching between satellite, live assist and automated modes. Macros can be constructed and along with recording simple voice tracks into the system. RCSremote saves changes into the automation system’s library.

The Aquira traffic system moves online with Aquira Online. This version lets users stay in contact with the traffic team back at the station, anywhere there is Internet access. This allows better customer service; faster data access for delivering prompt and accurate service to clients; and controlled security for limiting access to proposals and client information.

On the more traditional side, the Zetta automation system has a new sleek design that has been simplified. RCS says that the streamlined interface should feel instantly comfortable to those who have worked in radio for decades or one day. And the company points out that RCS products share the same DNA, which means that there should be no worry about integration between products such as GSelector4, RCSnews or Aquira.

NAB Show Booth: C2631