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Russian Radio Adds Lawo as Part of Modernization Process

Lawo’s sapphire console and DALLIS matrix among tech installed into stations’ infrastructures

For the last eight years, the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) has been working on regional infrastructure modernization. As part of this process, in the last couple of years the broadcaster has acquired and installed equipment from Lawo to boost performance.

Some of Lawo gear that has been installed into regional stations include Lawo’s sapphire console and DALLIS matrix with integrated different interface cards and a compact crystal audio console. The V_pro8 product has also been integrated as an audio glue device.

In total, 14 sapphire desks, 50 crystal consoles and 62 V_pro8 units have been implemented in 45 regional branches of VGTRK.