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Saul Levine Remains Bullish on HD Radio

'Does HD Radio work? The answer is yes'

Saul Levine remains bullish on HD Radio.

In a commentary published by the Southern California Broadcasters Association, the owner of Mt. Wilson FM Broadcasters/KKGO(FM) writes, “There are technical problems that are being overcome. People forget that FM radio had initial issues such as multipath that were overcome. Stereo initially had issues. Hybrid autos are now going through developmental problems.”

In time, Levine believes, issues with HD Radio will be resolved: “As an industry we have failed to inform the public that a good receiving antenna is required to maintain desirable reception. No one would expect a TV set to work properly without an appropriate antenna. HD Radio works well with an appropriate antenna. Future advancements will reduce the issue of the antenna installation.”

Looking back over the entry of satellite radio, Levine wrote, “It is ironic that satellite radio is now on the verge of bankruptcy, and except for the problems of the economy affecting all advertising media, in my opinion, broadcast radio is holding its own in popular acceptance.”

He said he has “no regrets” for making an investment of a quarter million dollars to upgrade KKGO: “We have listeners who are pleased with it. … We are achieving our goals.”