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Sound Devices 522 Is Field Mixer With a Difference

Digital field mixer includes digital recorder

Something the remote crew might want to put on their Christmas wish lists: the new Sound Devices 522 production mixer.

The 522 has five input channels stuff into a very small box. But the really neat thing is that it also has a built-in digital recorder that uses SD cards for media. It will handle 44.1, 48, 48.048, 88.2 and 96 kHz sample rates; WAV or MP3 files. The 522 will output AES 3 digital audio. Stereo link is available on channels 1/2 and 3/4.

Each channel has a limiter, high-pass filter and pre/post-fader direct output.

XLR, TA3 and Hirose make up the connector complement. A timecode input is available.

It also includes a tricolor LED meter, tone generator and headphones control. The firmware is field-upgradeable via a mini USB port. Of course, being a field unit, it is battery-operable. A lightweight case includes molded carbon fiber parts. It retails for $2,895.