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Staco Has Wireless UPS Monitor

Energy product specialist offers a battery monitoring system

Energy product specialist Staco Energy Products now offers a wireless UPS battery monitoring system, FirstLine BMS.

The obvious upside is that station personnel can monitor a UPS from a distance rather than requiring constant trips to the UPS itself.

The FirstLine BMS provides information such as battery cell voltage, battery string voltage, battery string current, battery room temperature, battery cell impedance and battery terminal temperature, all delivered to a 6.4-inch LCD touchscreen that can be located where it is conveniently accessible to station personnel.

The system can maintain an events log and issue e-mail or dry contact alarms. Staco Marketing Manager Jim Hall said: “Batteries are the workhorses of the UPS so knowing their status at all times is essential for critical environments. Now customers can act at the first sign of trouble and keep their systems operating at full capacity.”