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Staco Releases New UPS

Parallelable three-phase unit for 10–40 kVA missions

Energy management products company Staco Energy Products has developed the FirstLine PL, a parallelable three-phase uninterruptable power supply.

The company says the unit is ideal for 10-40 kVA applications. It uses double conversion for increased efficiency. It says, “True on-line, double-conversion technology is achieved through IGBT and digital signal processor control, enabling delivery of a high input power factor of 0.99, and a low input current distortion of less than or equal to 1percent at full load.”

The FirstLine PL will operate at either 50 or 60 Hz with conversion from 45–65 Hz. Filters on the unit act as a conditioning filter. Up to four units can be run in parallel. Front-panel LEDS and display reports items such as alarms, power, battery power, load on bypass and output.