Tascam Ports Portastudio to iPad

Should they call it the ‘iPadastudio’?
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Audio equipment manufacturer Tascam has released an Apple iPad app version of its legendary Portastudio portable mixer/cassette recorders.

The simple, low-tech and inexpensive Portastudio often is credited with launching a thousand pro audio careers (along with uncounted wannabees …).

The new app features a four-track mixer. And though multi-track input would seem to be an impossibility with the iPad, at the moment it will operate as a four-track playback mixer for mix-downs. And for truly cassette-worthy audio, there’s a two-band EQ. The resultant WAV recording is, however, more than cassette quality.

The retro GUI includes VU meters and a tape cassette image along with cassette-style transport controls. With the iPad’s touchscreen it will be almost like a trip back to the 1980s.

Price: $9.99.