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At GatesAir, No Worries About Flash

“HTML has been the primary language supported within the portfolio," says Lantz

We’ve been touching base with various technology suppliers about the pending end of support for Flash.

Here’s what Radio World heard back from GatesAir; the reply is from Ted Lantz, vice president and general manager, radio and Intraplex Products:

“GatesAir has never operated in the Flash world, and that has long been a key differentiator of our transmission and codec products,” he said.

“HTML has been the primary language supported within the portfolio, which has been developed over the years to evolve and scale with the needs of the broadcaster as a whole.

“Today, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are all core parts of a standardized, brand-agnostic web infrastructure available on virtually every browser and web-capable device. It has proven to be a wise path for GatesAir to follow both from a product development standpoint, and for our customers that demand secure and reliable systems.”

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