This Security System Bites

Jim Johnson shares pix of an unexpected visitor
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“We have had a new security system installed at our FM site in Immokalee,” writes Jim Johnson. “To my surprise, it was installed while I was inside the building!”

Johnson, owner of WAFZ(FM) in the Fort Myers, Fla., market, came out of his transmitter building one day last week and encountered the fellow shown in these photos. It apparently had come through the open gate while Jim was inside.

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“When I came out of the building, he was near the bottom of the stairs to the building. He slowly moved around the inside of the fenced compound and when he was opposite the gate, I went outside the fence to take some pictures.”

Johnson left the gate open and the gator finally left, apparently having failed to detect any FCC rules violations.

Just another day in Florida radio.

— Paul McLane