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Unknown Comic Joins Comic Wonder

Do radio talent deserve those ‘mad salaries and fat bennies’?

Holy time warp, Comic Wonder!

Murray Langston will emcee the “coronation” of a Comic Wonder on the Thursday of the NAB Radio Show.

Comic Wonder is a “competitive arena for joke-tellers,” a forum where people can perform, rate and share audio jokes. The contest “Radio’s Comic Wonder” is sponsored by media consultancy McVay Media and the National Association of Broadcasters.

The winner of the “Radio’s Comic Wonder” competition will receive $1,000 and a free trip to Austin, and will be feted by Langston and filmmaker Vic Dunlop.

“Our collaboration with Comic Wonder is a perfect fit. Ever since I was a kid, I was known as the ‘Boy Wonder.’ Everywhere I went, people would always look at me and wonder,” said Langston, aka The Unknown Comic. He and Dunlop are promoting their film “Dirty Jokes: The Movie.”

Kelly Fitzsimmons, CEO of Comic Wonder, described the contest: “We are giving radio talent the chance to prove that they deserve the mad salaries and fat bennies so common in radio these days.”

The Comic Wonder competition was open to radio personalities who pitched jokes and humorous stories — three minutes or less — at the Comic Wonder Web site,