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User Report: Radio Workflow Provides Dividends to Regional Media

“Keeps our entire team in-sync from production to sales and management with lower probability for human error”

DAVENPORT, IOWA — Regional Media partnered with Radio Workflow in September 2018. Throughout our first year, we have improved our productivity in sales and budgetary goals, team collaboration and overall success of our 14 radio stations.

We were presented with this new, fast-growing Consumer Relationship Management System, and it was easy to get acquainted with. It is an easy, simple to use system. Through detailed, well-instructed demos and tutorials from Radio Workflow, my team and I were able to learn how the system worked in order to get the most out of its features.

Radio Workflow has a 24-hour support team available to answer our questions and adjust anything in our system to suit our needs. They do a great job ensuring our knowledge of the system and providing different tips on how to optimize our use of it.

Before partnering with Radio Workflow, we used another system for our sales, keeping track of our accounts, production, etc. My team at Regional Media is able to merge our accounts and documents easily with Radio Workflow. We can view a list of all of our accounts and organize them based on seasonal businesses, current clients of ours, along with prospective business. Radio Workflow allows us to keep better track of our progress and set/achieve monthly goals throughout the entire company.

Regional Media works with our clients to ensure they are getting the most out of their advertising with our radio stations; and Radio Workflow gives us the tools to do this efficiently and professionally. Through their digital proposals and contracts, our advertising campaigns are broken down concisely for our clients to review with multiple options, choose what suits them best, convert everything to a contract and sign, all from any web browser on any computer. My team along with our clients enjoy how accessible this cloud-based system is. We have increased our closing ratio, increased our client return and earned more new businesses since partnering with Radio Workflow.

In addition to its customer relationship management elements, Radio Workflow is notable for its production features and traffic merging capabilities. Using Radio Workflow in production removes the possibility for error and allows us to work more efficiently with our production team. We input all of our production orders in one place, including our scripts, any necessary media and additional files, along with instructions for what needs to be included in the production order. Our production team accesses all of this, produces the spot and provides our sales team with finalized projects in Radio Workflow.

We keep better track of the spots we have running, when they will expire, and what still needs to be completed. Radio Workflow keeps our entire team in-sync from production to sales and management with lower probability for human error as everything is at our fingertips through its cloud-based format.

Radio Workflow will soon release their own traffic system and we will integrate that, allowing us access to everything we need under one domain. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

For information, contact Robert Maschio at Radio Workflow at 1-855-973-1145 or visit