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WATCH: T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure

From REEKON Tools, it's got an OLED screen, an electronic paper screen, and a laser

This story was originally published by our sister station SVC.

This looks like a shockingly useful must-have. The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure is the world’s most productive tape measure delivering fast, accurate, and forget-free measurements with robust digital measuring technology. The world’s first, professional grade, digital tape measure enables tradespeople, across industries, to collect measurements faster and more accurately than ever before.  A live view, OLED display, shows measurements of the tape measure, digitally, in both English and metric units. With a click of a button, measurements are saved to a side mounted e-paper display.

Precision front and rear reference surfaces paired with a green laser line projection work together to accurately capture measurements.  Taking incremental measurements, center measurements, and, the traditionally difficult, internal measurements are as simple as clicking a button.  Bluetooth connectivity allows measurements to be synced with the REEKON ROCK app for making distinct job sites, layouts, and cut lists.

In addition to the T1, REEKON Tools is proud to introduce the REEKON ROCK mobile app which allows for users to make digital jobsites, store measurements recorded on the T1 device, and compile into cut lists. ROCK is an industry first app designed for the professional tradesperson.  Cut lists can be organized by location and shared with other users on the same site along with manipulated into material optimizations, layouts, and external program exports. 

The tech press is swooning (me too).

I Never Thought I’d Have Gadget Lust for a Tape Measure, but Here We Are (Andrew Lizsewski, Gizmodo)
It’s not often that a construction tool can elicit the same level of gadget lust as something like a new flagship smartphone does, but the T1 Tomahawk is a tape measure full of clever digital upgrades that makes me want to line up outside a Home Depot the day it goes on sale. MORE@GIZMODO

I Hate to Say It, But This Digital Tape Measure Looks Incredible (Rain Noe, Core 77)
The last time we looked at Reekon Tools was in “When MIT Engineers Design a Power Tool Accessory.” Now the ME mad men are back with another digital take on a long-analog object, in this case the tape measure. And while I’m instantly skeptical of things like this, I have to say their new T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure looks freaking incredible. MORE@CORE77

T1 Tomahawk brings digital capabilities to the humble tape measure (Ben Coxworth, New Atlas)
Two years ago Reekon Tools introduced its M1 Caliber tool, which added digital measurement functionality to existing power saws. The company is now offering that same tech in a stand-alone tape measure, called the T1 Tomahawk. MORE@NEWATLAS