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Waves Offers De-Esser Plug-in

Pesky noise be gone!

De-essers, a god-send when they became affordable, have been a useful tool for voice pros for a couple of decades. Sometimes there were trade-offs but each technological trudge forward was applauded. Once these tools became software-based improvements became more rapid.

Waves feels it has moved the needle yet again with its new plug-in, Waves Sibilance.

It says that its Organic ReSynthesis technology is at the heart of the plug-in.

According to processing software maker Waves, its Organic ReSynthesis engine allows “precise identification of unwanted sibilant sounds such as “s” and “sh,” resulting in smooth, glitch-free, effective de-essing that maintains the timbre, duration and natural resonance of the original vocal sound.”

The company adds, “Unlike most de-essers, which act like narrow-band compressors, the Waves Sibilance plug-in uses Organic ReSynthesis spectral filters to identify undesirable bursts of sibilant energy, then completely separates the nuances of sibilance from the vocal signal, leaving the rest of the signal untouched.”

The plug-in is compatible with all major DAW and music creation platforms — with AU, AAX, Audiosuite, VST/VST3. Price: $69.

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