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WorldCast Begins Product Renaming

Simplifies brands, chooses more informative names

WorldCast Systems has reorganized its product portfolio to simplify ordering. As a result, many products will be renamed and some brands will be phased out.

The company is in the process of simplifying internal operations to present its identity and products in a more logical manner.

President Bruno Rost explained that the current system features “many different processes, brands, product naming structures and logos that can be unwieldy for a company to manage and impossible for a customer to comprehend. Therefore, our process of simplification aims to sort through our entire portfolio, arrange it logically in product families and name each product using standard conventions.”

The new system retains APT, Ecreso and Audemat brands, but will eliminate some product names — such as Goldeneagle for Audemat monitoring, Helios for FM Transmitters and Horizon and Oslo for APT codecs. These will be replaced by a more informative description of the product’s functionality.

The new names will be phased in over the coming months and there will be a transitional period where both names may coexist.