WorldCast, the Next Generation

Sneak Peek: IP codec uses SureStream technology
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“Star Trek” had its next generation; now so does WorldCast Systems with the Horizon NextGen codec.

Courtesy of the APT division, the Horizon NextGen is an IP codec. It can also work with 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi wireless networks and utilize any combination of them in a dual-streaming configuration.

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But WorldCast is touting the unit’s SureStream network streaming technology.

APT Sales Director Kevin Campbell said: “There are alternative schemes which will scale back audio quality to compensate for issues on the IP link or switch between two links depending upon performance but SureStream does not require any compromise on the issues of audio quality or continuity.”

Being an APT product it naturally offers Enhanced aptX, along with standard codec schemes such as linear, MPEG Layer II, MPEG 4 and HE-AAC v1 and 2. Dual Ethernet ports allow for maximum streaming and network connectivity. A USB port and an SD card slot allow for audio backup. It is also compatible with ScriptEasy.

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APT to Introduce WorldCast IP Codec Line

APT says it will debut the WorldCast range of IP-based audio codecs. WorldCast Horizon and WorldCast Meridian are the first products in this series, which features IP connectivity as its core functionality.