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Cox Media Group Looks Forward with GatesAir Liquid-Cooled Transmitters

Leading radio broadcast and media organization installs Flexiva FLX transmitter at a second FM station following its industry-first installation at WSUN(FM) in Tampa

CINCINNATI, February 6, 2017—WHPT(FM) in Sarasota, Florida has become the second Cox Media Group FM radio station to transition to high-efficiency liquid-cooled transmission technology from GatesAir, the global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for TV and radio broadcasters. The installation follows the industry-first deployment of a GatesAir Flexiva™ FLX liquid-cooled solid-state transmitter at Tampa station WSUN(FM) earlier this year.

The WHPT transmitter, which went on the air Thursday, November 3 at 3:14pm, signifies a proactive movement within Cox Media Group to reduce its company-wide carbon footprint. The transition to more cost- and energy-efficient liquid-cooled technology for higher power FM correlates with other initiatives across the parent organization to reduce waste and electricity use. 

“We see a strong potential for ROI when it comes to liquid-cooled technology in FM radio,” said Roz Clark, senior director of engineering, radio, Cox Media Group. “The capital investment, operational investment and electrical costs associated with moving heat around are reduced, as liquid can cool transistors far more effectively with air. We will pay a little more up front if there a realistic payback period that also reduces our carbon footprint.”

Cox Media Group in fact partially influenced GatesAir to develop the FLX solid-state line given the success of liquid-cooling in TV transmission technology; and less successful efforts to liquid-cool FM tube transmitters due to the increasing challenges of working with tubes. As GatesAir’s latest innovation in liquid-cooling technology, the FLX uses a novel heat-to-liquid transfer processthat efficiently removes heat from the RF plant, and reduces traditional air conditioning requirements and cooling costs. The technology not only cuts monthly utility costs and establishes a greener operation, but further slims down an already minimal footprint by integrating low-noise pump modules within the cabinet. This provides additional ROI value for broadcasters who share or lease space in RF plants.

WHPT’s FLX transmitter is now delivering 34kW of FM and 1.3kW of HD Radio.

“GatesAir has more than 50 years of experience in liquid-cooling, and these latest innovations in reducing size, costs and cooling requirements are delivering immediate results and an accelerated ROI for customers like Cox Media Group that are committed to a more energy-efficient operation,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. 

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