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Commercial DAB+ Service to Start in Brussels Region May 20

Norkring will launch a DAB+ service for the region

BRUSSELS, Belgium�Norkring will launch a DAB+ service for the Brussels region of Belgium May 20. �

The start of the commercial DAB+ service will enhance the offerings of the Belgian public broadcasters VRT and RTBF, which account for 16 different stations already sent over a DAB mux. (The two groups are currently testing DAB+ as well.)

Norkring Belgium initially started broadcasting from the Finance Tower, in the center of Brussels, as well as the Sint-Pieters-Leeuw tower, on the southwest side of the city.

Top Radio; VBRO radio; Radio Maria; Radio FG; Radio City; Club FM; and, Family Radio will be on the DAB+ network on channel 11A. Norkring is doing further testing and expects to have DAB+ coverage for Antwerp and Ghent by 2017.

The large commercial stations Q-music, Joe FM, and Nostalgie will not be on the DAB+ mux at the start.� They �currently enjoy a preferential position on FM across Flanders (Belgium).� On DAB+, the competition is significantly larger and therefore it is important to keep the listener on FM,� according �