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A Radio Futurologist’s Take on the LG Stylus 2

Cridland focuses on the smartphone's DAB+ reception

LONDON�Who better to review the�LG Stylus 2than radio futurologist James Cridland? In a recentonline article,�he does just that.�I�m going to share some of the salient points from it; if you want to read details about London�s and Brisbane�s DAB transmitters, go straight to the source.

�Most inbuilt radio receivers in devices like this have been placed there as an afterthought: with poor sensitivity and poor user interface, so I thought I�d give the DAB+ part a test in both London and Brisbane to see how it fared,� Cridland writes.�He also explains, �My LG Stylus 2 (as it is known in Europe)�is using the production-release firmware. I wasn�t given a pair of headphones, so I used a personal pair of Sennheiser bud earphones which have a very thin wire.�

Cridland concludes:�My tests � both, admittedly, in relatively strong signal areas � show that the LG Stylus DAB+�does a great job of pulling in a DAB signal.��

�LG intends radio broadcasters to use the API to make their own apps better: and that’s the game-changer here,��he also notes.�That said, it comes with a default DAB+ app, which itself is basic but does the job: it presents an alphabetical list of stations. The battery appears to decline by 5% an hour when listening to the DAB+ app (with mobile data switched off). Naturally, you can turn the screen off and still listen.�

Read the full article here.