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Digital Radio Glossary

Digital Radio Glossary

May 1, 2005 12:00 PM

The data aspect of HD Radio includes lots of new terms and abbreviations. Here are some of the more common abbreviations and terms that you will likely encounter.

AAS Advanced Application Services

API Application Programming Interface

EOC Ensemble Operations Center

EPG electronic program guide

MPS Main Program Service

PAD program-associated data, See PSD.

PSD program service data; the updated name for PAD

QOS quality of service. Sometimes abbreviated QoS.

SAC Supplemental Audio Channel. See SPS.

SIS Station Information Service

SMIL Synchronized Media Integration Language

SPS Supplemental Program Service. Sometimes called SAC. In initial tests, NPR called this Tomorrow Radio.

telematics emerging technologies in automotive communications, combining wireless voice and data capability for management information and safety applications.

UDP User Datagram Protocol. UDP is a connectionless protocol that does not require the sender and receiver to establish a connection before data is transmitted.