Digris'' DAB ‘Island'' for Zurich Is Now On-Air

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Digris'' DAB �Island'' for Zurich Is Now On-Air

Sep 2, 2014 2:16 PM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

ZURICH�In July of 2013 the Swiss Office of Communications (�BAKOM'') licensed a new company known as Digris AG to build local DAB+ networks in Zurich, Geneva and Bern. Because their coverage areas are purposefully small, and the three cities'' networks are not connected, these low power multiplexes have become known as �DAB islands.''

The islands were created with the help of the Swiss Government, and now the cost to each �station'' on the mux is about 800 Euros (about $1050) per month.

Last week, test broadcasts started on the local Zurich �island'' and soon power is expected to be increased. There are now 48 Swiss radio stations available via DAB+ in Zurich, according to Radio.nl. Those stations include Planet 105, Tropic Radio, Radio Industry, Lora, Kanal K, Backstage Radio, Spoon Radio, Radio 74, Stadt Filter, Rundfunk.fm, Toxic FM, Radio X, and Traxx FM.