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Ford Adds Dual Receivers for FM and HD in Several 2017 Models

It’s great to see an automaker acknowledging the continuing importance of radio

DEARBORN, Mich. � It�s great to see Ford acknowledging the continuing importance of radio.

An Aug. 10�press release�quoted Nielsen�s Audio Today: Radio 2016 report:��…93 percent of Americans listen to radio weekly, more than TV or smartphones� and announced the introduction of a��dual receiver� concept in two of its 2017 model year cars, in order to further improve reception.�

�…Ford remains committed to boosting the range and clarity of FM radio signals with dual radio reception systems, which use a second receiver and the rear-window heater grid as another antenna. The technology debuts with available Sony�audio systems on the new 2017 Escape and Fusion � marking one of the industry�s first applications of dual reception for HD Radio, which uses a special receiver to broadcast a digital signal over a traditional radio.�

(The last sentence in that paragraph makes no sense, but let�s not let that deter from the overall message.) �

�Dual FM radio reception helps the radio choose between multiple signals on the same frequency. A second antenna and receiver reduces interference from the same radio signal when it is received twice � especially prevalent in cities and mountainous areas, where radio signals tend to bounce around the landscape. The result is longer, clearer radio listening.

�With dual antennas, the broadcast transitions seamlessly. No spits or wisps, and no hearing two radio stations at the same time,� said Andy Adrian, Ford antenna and reception engineer. �The system delivers the clean, high-quality sound you expect from a Ford vehicle.�

And further: �These changes are the result of listening to feedback from dozens of listeners over hundreds of hours,� said�Senior Technical Leader for Ford Audio Systems Alan Norton.��It�s all about attention to detail. By improving radio reception and taking other steps to improve sound quality and acoustics, we aim to give customers the consistent, enjoyable sound they deserve. �In many cases, the best audio systems our customers have are in their vehicles. We don�t want them to settle for low sound quality.�

I added the emphasis in the last sentence. That�s an interesting point and one we need to keep in mind. Also, I know there is a lot of �marketing speak� here, but at least we need to give Ford their due for continuing to make radio reception and sound quality an important feature in their cars.