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Germany’s Klassic Radio Shuts Down 22 FM Transmitters

Intends to focus on DAB+ and Internet distribution

AUGSBURG, Germany�Sept. 1, Klassik Radio voluntarily shut down 22 of its FM facilities across Germany, wanting instead to focus on DAB+ and Internet distribution, according

According toits website, �In the FM range, Klassik Radio will concentrate on the major conurbations in Germany, weaker frequencies will be shut…�

Ulrich Kubak, the CEO and majority shareholder of Klassik Radio AG, is relying on the development of a strong streaming service, and on the nationwide DAB+ network that covers most of Germany to reach listeners. �In nearly all of the areas were previously covered by the weaker FM stations, Klassic has coverage on the DAB+ network.�

It�s anticipated, starting at the beginning of next year, that the company will realize significant cost savings since it will longer support the 22 FM stations.� Funds saved are intended for the expansion of KlassicRadio�s online streaming efforts. They currently offer 16 different program streams via their web portal.�

Whether or not Klassic�s partial abandonment of FM portends a quick end to FM in Germany remains to be seen.� �…it is unlikely that in the next few months more stations � or the public � will follow the example of Klassik Radio.�Quite the contrary: Media Authorities will likely assign the vacant FM frequencies to other radio companies,� according to the same article. ��