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Ireland: New Radioplayer App, and No Plans To Cease FM

All RTÉ FM stations, 34 independent radio stations are available via Radioplayer app

BELFAST, Ireland�For the first time, allRT�FM stations, along with 34 independent radio stations across Ireland, are available via a single Radioplayer app that is available for free from the iTunes app store, as well as the Google Play store.

�We are an aural people. And because economics dictate that we can�t have a TV station for every county and our traditions are aural, it makes sense that we are second in the western hemisphere for radio listening every day,� explained J.P. Coakley, the director of operations with RT� Radio, �Around 84 percent of adults in Ireland listen to radio every day.�

Coakley also said that the functionality exists for each radio station on Radioplayer to �dress up� its�area of the app with visuals and create its�own identity. �The clever thing about it is that, essentially, the app is just a frame and, using common functionality, the radio stations are able to serve the streaming and meta data through a common frame and can change the visuals and data through Java bridges.�

What about FM and DAB in Ireland? �The phasing out of FM radio in Ireland is not under consideration,� a spokesperson for the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources �While there are no plans at present to roll out DAB services on a national basis, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland will continue to monitor and consider the potential for the development of digital radio in Ireland.�

Furthermore: �In this regard, the BAI has supported various DAB trials, has organized research and has indicated in its ‘Work Plan for 2014 to 2016’ its intention to further discuss the potential for DAB or other types of digital radio services through stakeholder meetings during the period covered by the plan. Trials on other technologies, including DAB+ will be facilitated through ComReg�s Test and Trial and BAI�s content contracts where required.�