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Learn About RDS2 in Paris at Info Day

The registration deadline is Sept. 23

PARIS �RDS 2 Info Day is scheduled for Nov. 8. Hosted at Maison de la Radio in Paris, from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The organizers invite participants to �Learn about the possibilities to innovate FM radio using modern technologies. Meet and discuss with the RDS Forum members about the power of RDS2 and be informed of the progress already made.�

The event will discuss:

  • �� � ��The future of radio: FM/RDS and its coexistence with digital radio
  • �� � ��RDS2 � a new challenge for the forum
  • �� � ��RDS2 � adaptations needed for the future
  • �� � ��A new RDS2 encoder
  • �� � ��RDS2 reception demo
  • �� � ��RDS evaluation tools
  • �� � ��A new way of looking at the RDS architecture
  • �� � ��Service following: Connect FM radio with the internet

�The conference fee of �120 includes lunch, conference coffee breaks, soft drinks, documentation and the conference organization.

�The registration deadline is Sept. 23, and participation limited to 70 people.