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Mediamobile, TDF Collaborate on New Hybrid Radio System

“Radiobridge Seamless Switch” allows automatic receiver switching between FM/DAB radio reception and streaming over 3G/4G

IVRY-SUR-SEINE, France��V-Traffic, a provider of real-time traffic information, announced the commercialization of its hybrid radio solution, Radiobridge, during the recent WorldDAB Automotive Event in Munich. Radiobridge is the result of a close collaboration between Mediamobile (publisher of V-Traffic) and TDF, a transmission services provider in France. (A short video that demonstrates RadioBridge’s basic features is available here.)

The hybrid aspect of the system refers to the �Radiobridge Seamless Switch,� which allows automatic receiver switching between FM/DAB radio reception and streaming over 3G/4G. �Radiobridge provides a solution to the reception delays that can be experienced when switching from a broadcast radio program (FM or DAB) to an IP (3G/4G) reception,� according to this press release from MediaMobile. When the FM/DAB signal weakens (driving through a tunnel, for example) the system instantly and automatically searches for an alternative. Allowing the switch between 3G/4G reception channel and over-the-air radio (and vice versa) ensures �…the continuity of the reception of the information, without interruption and with an optimal quality.�

Radiobridge also offers a �Stop and Resume� service, which operates on the same principle as the �pause� button on a remote control. For example, when the driver has to answer a call or leave his vehicle while listening to a program he is interested in, he can pick it up where he left off at the time of his choice.

The service is already available for many radio programs throughout Europe, and has just been integrated by Alpine Electronics, an infotainment solutions specialist, on its new platform. Radiobridge and its �Seamless Switch� and �Stop and Resume� features are scalable to all countries and most radio programs around the world, and Radiobridge is customizable according to the needs of car manufacturers, according to Mediamobile.