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Metro Group Gives in to Pressure and Shuts Down Oslo FMs

Authorities informed Metro Group of fines to be levied if they didn’t desist soon

OSLO � As we previously reported, Norway�s Metro Group bucked the authorities there and remained on FM after the Dec. 8 shutdown order affecting Oslo.�

Unfortunately, we now must report that the group has succumbed to pressure and shut down its FMs covering Oslo � at least for the time being.

�Radio Metro has unfortunately no resources to continue the fight against the authorities and we have therefore decided to temporarily close our three FM frequencies in the capital,�� write Metro Group Sales and Marketing Director Hilde Apneseth, quoted in”Our FM network consists of a total of 27 frequencies and the majority of our listeners will not be affected by the shutdown in Oslo.�We have good broadcasts at Romerike, in Ski and at Liertoppen, which still [transmit] legally and cover large parts of Oslo.�

Authorities informed Metro Group of fines to be levied if they didn�t desist soon. NKOM (the national communications authority) was quoted in the same article as saying fines for the stations could total as much as 110,000 Kroner daily (about $13,000).

Norsk Lokalradioforbund has appealed the suspension of FM to the ESA (European Free Trade Association Surveillance Authority) and the Norwegian authorities, and for a long they have waited to hear from the Ministry of Culture to respond on the same matter. No answer has been forthcoming from Norwegian authorities, but the ESA has said it will process the case before Christmas.