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More News About the World’s First Smartphone With DAB Capability

LG will bring its freshly announced LG 2Stylus to Australia later this year

SEOUL, South Korea � We reported last week in the virtual pages�on the introduction of the first smartphone that includes a receiver and an app to decode DAB+: The LG 2 Stylus.� However, as you probably surmised, much more information became available in the days following the original news.

The LG 2 makes use of hybrid-radio.

Probably the most interesting thing about the new app is that it is a hybrid-radio application (developed by Konsole Labs). � The integrated IC allows a listener to �hear local stations on (his/her) smartphone app in the terrestrial coverage area without using up (his/her) monthly data for a mobile Internet connection,� according to

�With the hybrid apps that integrate mobile Internet and DAB + reception, radio channels can be received on the terrestrial route, and additional services such as news or playlists, via the mobile Internet in the app, are displayed visually.�The listener can therefore make use of all other internet based modes of its Radio app, while the audio signal comes from DAB +.�The new Radio App-generation is also able to automatically switch between Internet and terrestrial reception – whichever reception because of its availability just has the better quality.��For the listener, this occurs in the background, unnoticed.�

Australia has taken notice.

LG will bring its freshly announced LG 2Stylus to Australia later this year. There are hopes it might help push the rollout of digital radio in countries like Australia further.

�Those who listen to digital radio attest to its clarity ahead of AM and FM. Being a digital signal means it is not subject to the distortion of analog radio. But reception areas can be more limited. You either receive it or you don�t,� according to

LG says pricing and availability in Australia will be confirmed later.