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New Audi Q3 Features LTE, WLAN, Hybrid Radio and More

Its features may predict the future of radio listening and in-car entertainment

INGOLSTADT, Germany — We’re all concerned about the future of radio in the vehicle. The new Audi Q3 has a lot of features, many of which may predict the future of radio listening and in-car entertainment, including:

  • Built-in data transmission module supports the LTE Advanced standard thanks to the dedicated SIM card
  • On board there is a WLAN hotspot for portable passenger devices
  • The hybrid radio, as standard equipment, automatically switches between FM, DAB and online streaming modes

“To play music from MP3 players, USB sticks or smartphones, the new Audi Q3 offers two USB sockets, one of which belongs to the new Type C, a solution that offers a superior data transfer speed and a simpler connection thanks to the symmetrical connector,” according to “Also in the rear compartment there are two USB connections and a 12 Volt power socket. The Audi smartphone interface establishes a connection with iOS or Android phones, in the case of the iPhone without cable combined with navigation, and replicates the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay environment on the MMI display.”

I know it sounds cliché, but “the future is now,” my friends.