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Norwegian Radio Listeners Are Still Negative on Recent FM Switch-Offs

Broadcast engineer Eivind Engberg reports on listener reactions to the change

Eivind Engberg prepares to help a�broadcaster

in Norway gain access to a local DAB multiplex.

OSLO �The first FM switch-offs have now occurred in Nordland county in Norway. Nearly a week later, I asked our Norwegian correspondent, broadcast engineer Eivind Engberg, if the negative reactions are dying down or are just as strong as ever?

�All of the negative reaction does not die…. because now listeners realize that there’s a costly investment for them to access DAB channels,� said Eivind.� �I would say that the positive feedback stands for around 20%, and 80% are negative.�

I also asked him about how the transition is going at his stations and his company.

�Actually, I am on a project 50% via the local radio association in Norway helping local radio networks with DAB rollout. As you can see on the photo [right], I am in the middle of nowhere helping one station to be DAB ready on their site. On this site � the public broadcasters only use 150W DAB transmitter, while the local radio will be using 650W DAB transmitter…. So my goal is to build the best DAB networks around Norway,� he said. �For my own station, we’re on a local DAB network since 2013 and now we also own the network for Oslo. The local radio stations in Norway do own their own DAB multiplexes to provide better sound quality than the national channels.�