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Paris’ Multiplex Four Increases Power and Adds New Transmitter

The facility will make use of an improved antenna, at the same site, and will add a new transmitter

PARIS�After a year of transmission at reduced power, the multiplex transmission facility of the Parisian broadcast association known as �Multiplex Four� will have its power increased to 4 KW of ERP.� The facility will make use of an improved antenna, at the same site, and will add a new transmitter�theRhode & Schwarz TMV9.�

Channel 9A has been attributed to this multiplex by theCSA, and since the French companyTDFuses 9B from Meudon and Romainville, it�s necessary to install bandpass filters to prevent intermod products, according�

The �Multiplex 4� system will support 13 different programs, though only 8 broadcast now.� The group is hoping that other broadcast organizations will join them in the endeavor, since the cost of distribution is kept relatively low by the use of an open-source linux-based encoder. Multiplex 4 is also studying the viability of hybrid transmission�allowing listeners to receive the same program streams, via the public internet, in locations without coverage from the channel 9A mux transmitter.

The Mux 4 group was quoted thus: “Thanks to the rapid development of technology…the distribution of a DAB multiplex may actually cost much less than we announced at the start in 2014. The success of this independent multiplex proves that it is possible to manage just enough digital transmission capability in an investment model without resorting to the services of the subsidiaries of broadcasters such as (Radio) France and RMUX Multiplex. Thus for a very reasonable monthly cost, stations like Paris Campus or Radio Nova now broadcast 24 hours per day in CD quality, and offer news services such as Radio Mandarin or World Radio Paris, and are now available in Greater Paris.��