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Survey: Over Half of Norwegians Not Happy With DAB Switchover

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet recently commissioned the research company Ipsos to survey people there about the digitization of radio.

OSLO, NORWAY�The Norwegian newspaperDagbladetrecently commissioned the research companyIpsosto survey people there about the digitization of radio.� To those of us broadcasters watching the results from afar, there isn�t much to get excited about:� 24% of respondents say they�re happy with the switchover to DAB; 60% say they are not happy with it; 16% don�t know, according

Digital radio Norway believes that the numbers do not show that most people oppose DAB radio; rather, they would prefer to have both FM and DAB. This is especially true for radio in-car radio.��There are many who find it annoying to install an adapter or other equipment,” said Ole J�rgen Torvmark, the director of Digital Radio Norway, to the newspaper.

While the transition period continues, Norway�s public broadcaster, NRK, has engaged in the procurement and installation of additional transmitters.�”We are setting up new transmitters to improve overall coverage,” says Radio Director, NRK, Petter Hox. He is among those who have driven Norway crosswise to assess DAB coverage. “We are setting up new transmitters where the control measurements indicate�and often after feedback from the audience,” he said, as quoted

NRK’s DAB network covers at least 99.7 percent of the population. The requirement of the authorities was 99.5 per cent of the population.

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