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Switzerland Sees Continuing Growth in DAB+ Radio

The city of Basel now has its own small DAB+ mux

BERN, Switzerland � Let�s take a look at the news for digital radio from Switzerland, of which is there is a lot as of late.

Thanks to the organizationDigris AG, the city of Basel now has its own small DAB+ mux. (We previously covered Digris and its workhere.)� Digris affords smaller broadcasters the opportunity to get on the air via digital radio: The startup cost is about 135,000 Swiss francs (about $140,000) and the on-going cost about 2000 swiss francs per year (with subsidies),according to is able to keep the costs down in part by using virtualization to the extent possible, and minimizing hardware requirements.�

Sales of digital radios continue to grow in Switzerland, as seen from the chart below, provided by the Swiss marketing groupMCDT:

Console Labsis publishing a new app next week that will supportDAB +reception in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, UK and Norway. Their intention is to introduce the app on August 25, which is Swiss Radio Day.�

This is Console Labs first hybrid DAB + radio app, a mobile phone with a built in DAB + chip allows reception of radio programs, independent of an existing Internet connection.�The user can receive the program audio via his/her smartphone without consuming data.� Importantly, the hybrid app can automatically switch between internet and DAB + reception and adapts to the best transmission path available.�