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The Netherlands Adds More DAB+ Stations

Two new initiatives have recently been launched and more are in the planning stage

AMSTERDAM � In the Netherlands, experimental DAB + broadcasts are �shooting up like mushrooms from the ground� according to Two new initiatives have recently been launched and more are in the planning stage.

In the Wageningen region, tests on channel 7B have been going on for several weeks. On the mux are Rijnstreek TV, RTV Total, Radio 90FM (Leersum), Ede FM, FM Midland (Renswoude), Hotradio Hits, Impact AM Radio 5FM, Accent FM, and DTBS.

In Waddinxveen, starting last week, a new mux is on channel 9C. Stations carried are RTW Radio (Waddinxveen), Broadcasting Zuidplas, RTV Krimpenerwaard, Gouda FM and the internet radio stations 182 and Radio Hitland.

There will be additional experimental mux transmitters coming on line within the next few weeks, according to the same article. The Radiocommunications Agency has issued new licenses for Vlaardingen (11A), Rijswijk (7B), Ravenstein (11A) and Emmeloord (10A).

In Eindhoven a new mux on channel 8A will soon be on-air, carrying Studio040, Glow FM, Radio Son en Breugel, Best Broadcasting, Broadcasting Veldhoven, FOX FM (Valkenswaard) and the English-language station Radio 4 Brainport.

Interestingly, the transmission services provider�Broadcast Partners�is getting in to the game as well. They recently launched a new product for local market DAB+. �The options available �…are individually selected for quality and fit within the achievable budgets for local broadcasting,��according to their marketing.� The system is flexible and can be expanded or upgraded to a higher power. The new professional product line includes:

  • 50 Watt DAB + transmitter
  • antenna system
  • cabling
  • installation
  • Axemble headend

The company is being flexible, too, regarding financial arrangements for stations that are interested.

�Broadcast Partners offers payment options that take into account the capabilities of local stations and as yet temporary broadcasting licenses.

  • The customer buys the entire configuration.
  • The customer rents the installation right of sale.
  • The customer takes the service ‘as a service’. In this case, Broadcast Partners provides installation and takes the multiplex management technology for its account. The customer only needs to deliver the stream; Broadcast Partners controls the rest.�

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