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Workshop Will Discuss Successful Strategies for Hybrid Radio in the Car

Themes reflect the discussions between broadcasters and manufacturers looking to keep radio prominent and relevant in the car

GENEVA — RadioDNS is bringing together automotive manufacturers and broadcasters from around the world in a one-day event (July 5, 2016) to examine ten themes crucial to the future experience of radio in the car. In a unique format, the day will be an open discussion of each issue in detail, looking to find a consensus view on how to remove obstacles and accelerate development. The EBU will host the event in Geneva.

The 10 themes reflect the discussions that RadioDNS has most often between broadcasters and manufacturers looking to keep radio prominent and relevant in the car. As the driving experience becomes more sophisticated and more influenced by technology, these issues reflect the growing demand from the automotive industry to deliver similar innovations for radio.

  • Real time content — what should it be and how should it be displayed to drivers?
  • Switching to streaming — how to make a seamless switch between broadcast and IP delivered audio
  • Navigating the radio dial — what differing ideas exist for how to help drivers find radio stations
  • Recommended listening — how to make drivers more satisfied with radio
  • Program information — do drivers really need it?
  • Accessing on-demand and non-broadcast content — dealing with a limitless list of audio
  • Proprietary versus Open — why do manufacturers see benefits, and broadcasters see risks?
  • Which data source is best?
  • Interactivity in the car — how to help drivers when they hear something interesting
  • Fair Use Policy — what constitutes “fair use” of a radio station’s data?

Representatives from BBC, ARD, BMW, AUDI, VOLVO, DTS, iHeartMedia, NAB, ALPINE, PANASONIC, VPRT, EBU, COPE and more will be attending. Register here.