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WorldDAB’s Patrick Hannon Publishes DAB Update for 2016

The major focus in Europe remains Germany, where significant progress has been made in the last 12 months

GENEVA�Patrick Hannon, President, WorldDAB, published a note to WorldDAB members last week, updating them on the state of DAB across the world.� The note in its entirety can be readhere; I�ve prepared some highlights for you, though, as seen below.

  • � � � ��In Norway, the countdown to Digital Switchover is firmly�underway�with the�first FM signals scheduled for switch off in just over 12 months� time.�
  • � � � ��In Switzerland, plans for DSO are to be completed by the end of June.
  • � � � ��The UK will see the launch of its second national commercial DAB multiplex this spring.
  • � � � ��Denmark and Italy continue to make progress and the Netherlands has seen the most successful launch ever of DAB+.
  • � � � ��The major focus in Europe remains Germany, where significant progress has been made in the last 12 months.� Strong political and broadcaster commitment, coupled with accelerating receiver sales (Jan.-Sept. up over 50% year over year), has established a solid platform for the future.
  • � � � ��A growing number of European markets are starting on their digital radio roll-out plans.� Belgium, France, Poland, Austria and Czech Republic have all taken important steps forwards in the last year.� (Each now has digital radio transmitters in operation.)
  • � � � ��In Asia and the Pacific, Australia continues to lead the way � and other markets are beginning to put their feet in the water.� Trials are now under way or being considered in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • �� � ��Trials are underway, or in the planning stages, in Turkey, Tunisia, South Africa and the Gulf States.

�Beyond this geographical expansion, our major focus in 2016 will be on the automotive sector.� In the UK, Norway and Switzerland, most new cars now come with DAB as standard.� Our goal now is to see similar progress in other territories.� In parallel, many WorldDAB members are involved in discussions about securing DAB in mobile phones � we hope to see progress in this area in 2016,� said Hannon.��