So How's The Weather on the Sun?

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The weather is always a topic for conversation. It's too hot, it's too cold. Not enough rain, too much rain …

So, how's the weather in space? Is there weather in space? What's it like?

For the answer to those questions and many more, check out, a Web site devoted to the "weather" in space.

Of course, as any smartie-pants nerd can tell you, there is no "weather" like ours in space; yet space does have its own peculiar brand of weather.

Meteor showers, sun spots, solar flares, "auroras," "upside-down" rainbows are part and parcel of the listings. Cool pictures taken by satellites or even Earth-bound viewers are available as are useful items such as a table for close asteroid encounters.

Need to check out an online observatory or night sky camera? When's the next aurora borealis or what did the last one look like? This is the place. Links to more in-depth sites are included too.


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