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Radio Rozana Informs Syrian People

Aims to provide Syrians with news during the conflict

Photo of Lina Chawaf, Radio Rozana program manager With more than 80 news providers killed during the past two years, Syria’s need for independent, professional journalism has never been greater.

Radio Rozana is striving to fill the information gap. Reporting from inside Syria has been a life-threatening endeavor for both national and international news providers. The result has been a flow of unverified information.

A new radio station run by Syrian journalists and broadcasting online, it channels content from professional local journalists located across the country in every governorate, with the aim of providing Syrians inside and outside the country with independent and reliable information in the ongoing conflict.

“In the ongoing Syrian conflict there is a massive need for independent, professional journalism to keep citizens and refugees informed about political, social and humanitarian developments in the country to contribute to the development of a free and democratic society in Syria,” said Lina Chawaf, Radio Rozana program manager. Radio Rozana also provides the international community with unique on-the-ground perspectives from inside Syria through news, opinion articles and video reports.

Radio Rozana is a joint initiative between Syrian journalists located in Syria and abroad. The daily two-hour broadcasts in Arabic consist of news and analysis, talk shows, live reporting, and debates.

The radio station is staffed by 30 Syrian journalists within Syria and five in Paris, and is broadcast on the Internet at and also via satellite and being relayed by FM transmitters inside Syria.