Clamping Down on the iPhone

Brett Moss is gear and technology editor.

Primacoustic, the accessories and acoustic treatment division of Canada’s Radial Engineering, has developed the TelePad-4 for the Apple iPhone for times when someone needs to have their iPhone mounted near them for whatever reason. If we were feeling snarky we would say, “At least it’s not another app!” But actually we’re betting radio engineers and field folks might find some uses for this.

The TelePad-4 is a clever clamp-style device with an iPhone-shaped cradle attached to it. The cradle is set on a ball-mount with a 360 degree range of rotation. The clamp will mount to any standard mic stand or boom or anything else it can be slid onto.

The high-impact plastic cradle has a quick-release tongue at the top to secure and unsecure the iPhone. The “4” is designed to accommodate a larger iPhone in comparison to the original TelePad, which handled thinner models and iPods and Touches.

Steve McKay, Primacoustic sales manager said, “The TelePad-4 is perfectly suited for chord charts, backing tracks, guitar tuner and lyrics for those that play live.”

Or, one might add, working at the transmitter, or in or around a radio studio, when both hands are occupied.

Price: $35.

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