Moss on: Ghosts of Radios Past

Everyone likes a good mystery. And radio broadcasters like a good radio broadcast mystery, right?

What better place for a great radio broadcast mystery than the misty Highland heathers of Scotland?

From the romantic land of Bonnie Prince Charlie comes the tale of the mysterious radio of Montrose Air Station, as reported by STV.

The quaint old tube (or valve, as they say Scotland) 70-year-old radio, made by Pye and sitting in a 1940s-era room in a Scottish “heritage centre” supposedly plays only Glenn Miller and Churchill speeches from the World War II era — a time when the “centre” was the Montrose RAF airfield.

The radio does not seem to be turned on when the audio plays nor does it seem to have a battery power supply. The selection of materials also seems to be quite limited and the volume quite low, requiring those listening to put their ears to the speaker. The radio only plays intermittently and broadcasts have lasted as long as half an hour.

According to a report from Scottish broadcaster STV, the radio has been investigated by radio equipment experts who found nothing amiss.

Also according to the report, the air station has a history of paranormal events such as hauntings. A future episode of “Ghost Hunters”?

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