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Techsurvey 2024: Show Hosts Are Radio’s Champions

Respondents have ranked radio personalities' importance higher than music since 2019

In analyzing the recently-released findings from the 2024 Techsurvey by Jacobs Media, we can see that radio personalities continue to play a big role in listener retention and station popularity.

Over the past six surveys, Jacobs Media reports that broadcast radio personalities have stayed ahead of music as key attributes that contribute to why “core radio listeners” tune in.

In Part 1 of this series, we learned that most core listeners (aka survey respondents are already part of a station’s email database) first-and-foremost tune into their local AM/FM station because it is free and easily accessible. Today, we’ll learn more about just how much these core listeners favor station-specific DJs and hosts, and break it down from there.

This data set was compiled by 500 participating radio stations, yielding more than 31,000 surveys. Responses were collected between Jan. 9–Feb. 11 and used Nielsen’s 2023 market population data.

Per the 2024 Techsurvey, among those who listen to AM/FM radio, 61% say radio personalities are a main reason they listen. Further, the appeal of radio personalities ranks highest among women and progressively younger generations.

Credit: Jacobs Media

Respondents who were sent the Techsurvey from a Hot Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Hit Radio or Rock station also report a higher investment in radio personalities. In particular, 73% of Hot AC listeners said “I Like Particular DJs, Shows, or Hosts.”

The value of radio personalities on station listenership has not gone unrecognized in recent years. In fact, personalities have outpaced music as a main reason for listening to radio since 2019, according to Techsurvey data.

Not only are core listeners tuning in for their favorite personalities, they also are looking to connect. Six in 10 respondents said they would want to connect with their station’s on-air hosts. This is especially true for younger listeners and those who listen to CHR, Hot AC and Rock formats.

Credit: Jacobs Media

Radio World will continue to break down these findings in the coming days.  

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