Calif. Rules May Affect Your Station Website

If your radio station does business on the Internet, as most do, you may be in the practice of collecting visitor data. Here’s some news that you should know about.

California has added two disclosure requirements that apply to commercial websites or online services. Paul J. Feldman of law firm Fletcher Heald & Hildreth blogs about it. He says that if your website collects such information (it probably does), and if any visitors to your site happen to live in California — even if they’re not physically there when they visit your site — these changes appear to apply to you.

“The new law, which takes effect on Jan. 1, 2014, requires affected Internet operators to disclose in their online privacy statements (a) how their online operations ‘respond’ to ‘Do Not Track’ technology and (b) whether other parties may collect PII about visitors to the operator’s site,” Feldman writes.

He explores the topic of “do not track” technology in an informative blog post that is informative as well as entertaining. (Sample: “Invoking one’s ‘Do Not Track’ options is kind of like pinning a large sign reading ‘Don’t Take My Picture’ to one’s back while walking through an area bristling with surveillance cameras.”)

Feldman says if you don’t know how your website is set up to deal with Do Not Track messages, “now would be a good time to investigate that question.” Read it here:

New California Online Privacy Requirements Have Nationwide Reach


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