A Helpful Update to “Webcasting IV”

If you are like me, your head spins when you try to keep track of “Webcasting IV” (or Webcasting III or II or any other past Webcasting legal proceedings, for that matter).

But what the Copyright Royalty Board does has bearing on radio organizations that webcast. The CRB has made two recent decisions that involve noncommercial educational webcasters, and separately, public radio stations.

We’ve made brief note of these in our news coverage but now Kevin Goldberg of law firm Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth has put together 1,500 words to help you navigate those as well as an action by the Register of Copyrights that could affect all Webcasters.

“So those of you who have been awaiting with bated breath the word on webcasting rates and terms for the 2016-2020 period — and you know who you are — this is for you.”

Read it here.

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