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Waymark Introduces Self-Serve Plug-in

AI video company also adds support for Spanish video

Waymark is introducing a self-serve plug-in solution as well as Spanish-language capabilities to its AI-based video advertising platform.

The automated plug-in is designed as a turnkey tool to allow media publishers to integrate the AI video creator into their own platforms. “The plugin is the basis of a recent strategic partnership with Sweden-based DanAds, which provides global publishers and media owners with a fully automated, white-labeled self-serve advertising infrastructure,” Waymark said in its announcement.

It quoted VP Hayden Gilmer as saying, “Our mission is to democratize access to TV-quality creative. With the rise of CTV and the industry’s rapid adoption of self-serve advertising platforms, we see a tremendous opportunity. Combining a la carte ad buys with instant video creative is a winning formula.”

Waymark is also introducing Spanish-language capabilities to its video platform, enabling users to commercials with professional voice-over in five minutes or less. 

“The update allows for the creation of full video ads with on-screen Spanish copy and fluent Spanish voice-overs, featuring a wide array of localized synthetic AI accents. This update opens potential new revenue opportunities for businesses looking to connect with the growing Spanish-language segment.”

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