Certification Corner

Keep a Close Eye on Tower Documents
In a strange twist of regulations, the Federal Aviation Administration can only recommend tower lighting and marking (L&M). However, the Federal Communications Commission can require it from radio stations. More

Op-Amps Are Used Widely in Broadcast Circuits
A Primer Into the Ubiquitous Operational Amplifier. More

Gain Insight Into Op-Amp Circuits
The operational amplifier (op-amp) is a high performance gain device with essentially linear qualities. More

What Do You Do With a Static Drain Coil?
The problem we have before us is to attenuate in intensity the static charges, either around the tower before a discharge or after high voltage is induced into the system when lightning strikes, and in unique cases where a static charge build-up is developed by wind driven dust or sand. More

So, You Think You Know the Decibel ...
One of my most learned mentors advised me to think that life is linear but nature is logarithmic; and he is right. More

Determining Tx Final Stage Efficiency Factors
With a helpful assist from Benjamin the Cat More

Are You Ready for the SBE Exam?
Although similar in style and content to actual exam questions, our examples are not from past exams nor will they be on any future exams in this exact form; they are intended to help you prepare.

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