Guy Wire

HD Radio Goes Handheld
Guy writes that the new portable HD Radio turns out to be quite popular More

So You Want to Be the Chief Engineer
Seek out education and on-the-job training More

A Critic Lashes Out at HD Radio, Again
But Guy Says He and Other Opponents Need to Be Realistic More

Guy Wire: Hug Your Radio
All Is Not Lost; At Least We Still Have Listeners More

Power Boost or Bust for HD Radio
Improvement in Digital Coverage Area Necessary for HD Radio Success More

Letter to Guy: Talk Radio's Role
And Guy's reply More

Coping with the Meltdown
How Far Down Will Corporate Radio Go? More

The BMC Plan to Remap and Revamp Radio
Proposal Advocates Converting Underutilized TV Spectrum to Expand the Broadcast Bands More

Radio Finds Ways to Do More With Less
For many old-timers and battle-scarred vets in this business it wasn’t too long ago that there was very little digital anything inside a typical radio station. More

Take a Bigger Slice of Net Income Pie
Although over-the-air radio has enjoyed 90 years as the primary delivery method, it’s becoming clear we are at the forefront of a paradigm shift. Streaming and the Internet are beginning to share the load. More

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