Road Warrior

Mics Make the News Stand Out
Wherein the Warrior Ponders a Number of Microphone Thoughts; and an Important Request for Reader Input More

Small Digital Recorders Lighten Load
Units are small enough that there is now (this is my news director gene kicking in) no excuse for a radio reporter to be without a professional-quality recorder to record actuality or voice tracks. More

Digital Network Lets Reporters Phone It In
This design allows radio reporters to do “live shots” with a professional-quality XLR-connected microphone or send nominal line (–10 dB) level audio over the cell connection. More

Case Study: How Do You Lug Your Gear?
If like me you have been in the business for a few years and you’ve made more than your share of mistakes or missed the “money quote” because you didn’t have a backup item, you tend to bring everything you could possibly need in the field to an assignment — but likely won’t. More