Wired for Sound

Touch a Supernova
Thanks to a Star That Lived and Died Violently Billions of Years Ago, You Can Now Hook Up Your Facility More

Caveat Emptor Is Always Good Advice
There are really two kinds of audio and video cable at these shows. One is the cable, made usually in Asia, that probably works OK. It passes continuity, and for audio, that's about it. But then we have the second kind of cable. More

You and the Search for ‘E’
So how can you tell if a particular manufacturer is a hole-in-the-wall or a serious player? More

On the Street Where You Live
I have a great idea. And this idea, as most great ideas, comes from frustration. More

I’m the Man Who Found the Lost Cord
Of course, it should be the lost “chord” but I wrote the lost “cord,” as we’ve been talking about power cords. We’ve talked about gage size, current draw, even the melting temperature of the jacket. More

Power Cords ... With a Guitar
Power cords are ubiquitous, so even if a guitar doesn’t don’t have one, a guitar amp certainly does. More

Heyyyy, More Power to Ya!
Of course, I won’t mention that 99.99 percent of the cable before that power cord, the stuff between your wall and the power plant, is simple solid copper wire. No, no, that last three feet makes such a difference! More

Choose Appropriate Cables
Charles "Buc" Fitch and I have been trying to coordinate our columns in RW. He writes about the National Electrical Code, while I’m talking about wire and cable, which is supposed to meet the NEC. More

Ruminations on Digital Audio
Every so often, someone sends me an e-mail or corners me at a trade show to tell me their weird story about wire. Sometimes, a certain kind of wire worked in a situation where it shouldn’t. More

Uncle Steve’s Weird Wire Stories
I promised last time to talk about weird wire stories. So here goes!...Back in 1985, I was working for a small FM here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Management had finally bitten the bullet and approved a new transmitter and antenna. More

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