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NextRadio: How to Get Your Station Involved

There has been a lot of press lately about all the progress made by NextRadio and its further acceptance by T-mobile and AT&T

There has been a lot of press lately about all the progress made by NextRadioand its further acceptance by T-mobile and AT&T.�

For those of you that are just hearing about NextRadio (from their website):��NextRadio is�a smartphone app that uses the phone�s built in FM chip for audio and the phone�s data channel to deliver a rich, interactive artist and advertising experience.�

Here�s a brief videoon NextRadio.

From the perspective of a radio station, though, what do you need to do to become involved? That�s a question I recently put to Paul Brenner, the President of NextRadio (also EVP of Emmis Communications and president of the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium).

His answer was this:��Stations don�t need to do anything other than broadcast in FM. Every FM frequency can be tuned in NextRadio for the Free Version. If the station wants to add images, song matches, promotions, advertising, etc. they need to sign up for TagStation the back end software of NextRadio.��

There are two options open for radio stations that want to take advantage of NextRadio. First, there�s TagStation�sFree Logo Servicefor NextRadio that enables a radio station to upload its logo and tagline for display in the NextRadio app.

The second option is to make full-use of Tagstation. Check outthis video.

Signing up for Tagstation appears to very easy. Followthis link, and then provide the following information:

  • � � � � �The name of your company
  • � � � � �The number of FM stations you have
  • � � � � �The type of automation system you use on-air

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